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Company History

The founder and long time editor of Nevada Legal News, Hoyt Sibley, started the publication in 1960. He was born in Salt Lake City and began his career in San Francisco in the 1930's as a banker. He started a land development and home-building company there. During World War II, he joined the Coast Guard. Hoyt was captured and became a prisoner of war for over nine months. When he was finally released he returned to California to find that his business had gone under. He started over by opening is own accounting firm. Hoyt moved to Las Vegas in 1954 where he opened another accounting business and a lumber company, which he sold years later to Houston Lumber. He used the proceeds to start his newspaper. He wanted his newspaper staff to be remembered as "his extended family" and that they were. Nevada Legal News has carried that tradition on in memory of Hoyt.

The newspaper became a vital publication source for attorney's, trust companies, posting and publishing companies, contractors and other local businesses and still remains.

Hoyt was a philanthropist who always donated money to the church and other local charities. He was the kind of person who liked to help people out when he could. He was a modest man who enjoyed both publishing and the law very much.

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